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a Zhen Production service is designed to give you the best experience for your project.  Some projects cost may vary.


Giving back to the community is one of a Zhen Production Studios' focus. We care about the community. Contact us today to get a discounted rate to help expand your non-profit work.



Your commercial is really a short video. A Zhen Production Studio haves the ability to describes your video that will establish an emotional connection with your target audience. A Zhen Production will start with the Pre-Production, to Production, and through to Post-Production. Call for price. 

 * Three changes to the final project are free. Addition changes afterward is  100$ per change. 






a Zhen Production Studios offer different types of weddings:

  • Traditional wedding

  • Cinematic Wedding

Traditional Wedding:

6 hour  $1,500

Reception. 3 hours $500

Pre-wedding $100

Interviews $100

Cinematic Wedding:



interviews, prewedding, wedding, and reception.


  • The day before the wedding 2hour $1,000

  • Mini-wedding: $500

* 3/4 of the cost has to be paid 4 weeks before the event.


Special Events

Shooting cost:

4 hours $550$

Post production cost: $200

6 hour $1,550 

Post production cost: $400

Addition hours cost will vary. 

Post-production Cost 

Note: 3/4 of the cost has to paid before the event.